These are some of the records that have been released on various independent labels over the years.  Past releases have consisted of mostly soulful, funky, deep house music and various down tempo grooves and are still available for purchase on iTunes etc.  Though I feel like this is only the beginning of my path and one area of what I love about music.  I wanted to share some of my past projects so you can understand and appreciate the unique directions my music is taking.  If you enjoy what you hear, there is much more to come.  Your support means everything.

DJ Average Joe | The Future’s Passed EP | Tocayo Music 2013

Futures Passed EPThis is a very special release that was dedicated to our late friend and house music advocate, Steve Graham.  The title was chosen because I actually wrote these tracks several years ago when no one was really feeling electro sounds in deep house music.  Maybe they thought it was too futuristic sounding?   Steve Graham and Josh Ritter started their own record label and really liked Hard Cast Funk.  It was exciting to me because it was the first song I decided to create for myself, and play out all of the parts-no samples.  They were going to release it on their label, but it never panned out.  A couple years ago, Tocayo Music was interested in releasing it and agreed to dedicate it to Steve!

Slow Ride

Hard Cast Funk

Does Not Compute

DJ Average Joe | ‘Like it Dirty’ ft. Rocky | Native Soul Recordings 2012

NM Producers Comp

This was a cool project to be a part of.  New Mexico label, Native Soul Rec wanted to release a compilation of all native New Mexican producers.  This is a funk-house track, as a nod to The Funky Meters, featuring Rocky Powell live on the Saxophone.

Silvia Zaragoza | ‘Happy Hour’ (DJ Average Joe’s Remix) | Native Soul Recordings 2011


Everything I do musically needs to have some deeper meaning to me. This release was exciting because it is on a New Mexico based record label and included some of my favorite producers; Wally Callerio, James Bledsoe, & Lucas Keizer!


DJ Average Joe | ‘We Go Deep’ | Getaway Recordings 2008

Getaway - We Go Deep

This a a lovely deep house track sampling Janet Jackson’s ‘We Go Deep’



DJ Average Joe | Getaway Lounge | Getaway Recordings 2009

Getaway Lounge




DJ Average Joe | Getaway Lounge II | Getaway Recordings

Getaway Lounge 2




DJ Average Joe | ‘Freedom Ain’t Free EP’ | Getaway Recordings 2008

Getaway - Hold on to This Feeling




DJ Average Joe | ‘Deep Fried EP’ | Getaway Recordings

Getaway - Chicken Grease

This is a funky house rendition of D’Angelo’s ‘ Chicken Grease’



DJ Average Joe | Deeper Destinations Compilation | Getaway Recordings 2009

Getaway - Deeper Destinations




DJ Average Joe | Getaway Sampler | Getaway Recordings 2008

Getaway Sampler




DJ Hal | Don’t Give it Up (Broken Home Mix) | Blockhead Recordings 2004

DJ HAL 2Originally released on Vinyl, this was a great moment in time because I got to share the label with some all time favorites Lawn Chair Generals!



Broken Home | ‘Marry Me?’ | Blockhead Records 2004


This was my(our) first official, full artist 3 track EP released on an established deep house label called Blockhead Recordings.  We released it under the moniker Broken Home (Average Joe & Jeremiah Roa). This one was special because I actually used this vinyl record to ask my wife to Marry Me(mp3 sample above).


Natural Rhythm | Freak FM (Broken Home Remix) | Blockhead Recordings 2006


Broken Home | Broken Boot EP | White Label

BROKEN BOOTside a) Dazz da Jam

side b) My Love



Broken Home | Down on Get EP | Agave Recordings 2005

AGAVEHere is another full artist 3 track EP of mine while I was still using the moniker Broken Home. that originally released on Vinyl.




Broken Home | Soul Intentions EP | DAE Recordings | 2004

Soul Intentions EPThis was a fun vinyl release put out on an established deep house label called DAE Recordings.  The label owner was a fan of my work (since the duo in Broken Home was very short lived, thus validating the name) and release 3 original tracks which included a DJ tool.


Beats of Mind

Ghetto Hymn 20:04

Frankly Speaking


Broken Home | ‘Nickle Bag & Freak You’ | Jiggy Recordings 2003

JIGGY NICKEL BAGThis was my very first release as a producer.  It was back in the day when DJ’s primarily bought and used vinyl.  It is a house remix of Digable Planet’s ‘Nickel Bag’ released on a bootleg label called Jiggy.  The B side featured a house remix of Jodeci’s ‘Freak You’.

Broken Home | ‘Rock ya Body & Shake ya Ass’ | Jiggy Recordings 2003

Jiggy JTThis was my second release featuring a house remix of Justin Timberlake’s Rock Your Body and a house remix of Mystikal’s Shake ya Ass on the B side.

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