NEW MIX** Soul So Fresh vol III (Free DL)

I am a DJ, producer and musician-15 years deep.  I want you all to have a chance to get to know me as an artist completely.   This is an expression of my DJ side – my latest mix.  I felt like I needed to give you something fresh.  Not to mention, these free form mixes are very therapeutic for me….lol   I did a couple mixes back in the day called, ‘One Night Going Through Old Records’ vol 1 & 2, where I just creatively (more like transitioned from random song to random song as I was listening and going through old records.  They were live and sloppy but ended up being fun to listen to.  This kind of felt like that, but I was digging through old MP3’s…. lol Changing times…  Anyway, as I mentioned before, I have a lot of music to share.  I do understand that my style isn’t for everyone, but I feel like the people that do like my particular shades of soulful music will really appreciate it.  This mix includes everything from Thelonious Monk, to Atmosphere, with some reggae, latin, and other soulful  genres sprinkled around.  I am not trying to gain a bunch of fans, just a few loyal ones.  if you can help get any of my music in the hands of someone that will like it, I would appreciate it immensely!  Either way, I hope you enjoy.  Until next time…

Download Soul SO Fresh vol III

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