Section 8 Housing Projects Vol 1

20150330_192449 20150330_192326

Section 8 Housing Projects vol 1 is one of the very first deep house mixes I started handing out after moving to SD.  As you can see I still used cassette tapes. which went over well since no one had seen a cassette out here for a long time. People cracked up when I handed them an actual tape.  In ABQ, it was still all about the mix tape.  A little behind the times I guess. lol One of the many growing pains as an evolving DJ.  Anyway, I wanted to post this because, even at my most raw, early stages of mixing house music, I still needed to incorporate the funk.  All of my mixes have been recorded live and reflect how I am feeling at the moment.  I always felt it was important for the mix to be live, even if it is not perfect.   It still has a darker overall tone than most of my mixes, but is still pretty darn funky.   I hope you like it.  I will be posting additional various throwback (and current of course) mixes that I feel still have relevance and an enjoyable quality.   I have also provided a link for you to download it to enjoy again and again.. Feel free to follow me and share with your friends! I will always have a substantial free download of some good soulful music of some kind in every blog post.  No bologna..

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