The New Old

The New Old (Soulful DJ Mix-Free DL)

the new old PicsArt_1391912473644I want to share this mix I recorded with you all because I feel like it is a good representation of the range of styles I really like.  Basically, anything funky and soulful!  The reason it is named the New Old is because the mix consists of mostly classic songs remixed in some way.  It also represents where I am at in my life.  As a DJ and musician, I am seeming to age differently in order to stay in touch with the changing times, as much as possible.   It seems that our generation, especially in CA, tends to settle down later in life than out parents did.   We tend to act younger. longer.  We are ‘the new old’.   I hope you get some enjoyment out of this.  There is no profanity so other ‘New old peeps’ (parents, etc), feel free to enjoy something besides frozen soundtrack.  Hip hop heads shouldn’t know the difference, because I still brought some heat for ya.. Live, real, raw, and was a lot of fun making it.  If you like it, share it with someone else that will appreciate it.   Thanks for the support. There is much more great music coming your way.

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