NEW MIX** Soul So Fresh vol III (Free DL)

I am a DJ, producer and musician-15 years deep.  I want you all to have a chance to get to know me as an artist completely.   This is an expression of my DJ side – my latest mix.  I felt like I needed to give you something fresh.  Not to mention, these free form mixes are very therapeutic for me….lol   I did a couple mixes back in the day called, ‘One Night Going Through Old Records’ vol 1 & 2, where I just creatively (more like transitioned from random song to random song as I was listening and going through old records.  They were live and sloppy but ended up being fun to listen to.  This kind of felt like that, but I was digging through old MP3’s…. lol Changing times…  Anyway, as I mentioned before, I have a lot of music to share.  I do understand that my style isn’t for everyone, but I feel like the people that do like my particular shades of soulful music will really appreciate it.  This mix includes everything from Thelonious Monk, to Atmosphere, with some reggae, latin, and other soulful  genres sprinkled around.  I am not trying to gain a bunch of fans, just a few loyal ones.  if you can help get any of my music in the hands of someone that will like it, I would appreciate it immensely!  Either way, I hope you enjoy.  Until next time…

Download Soul SO Fresh vol III

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Play it Forward (15 Exclusive Remixes – FREE DL*)

20150211_175250 As a huge thanks for y0ur continued support, I offer you a treasure chest of exclusive remixes to download FREE.  I have a lot of music to share and my only goal is to get in in the hands of people that will use and appreciate it.  I have no desire for money or fame.  The best thank you I can think of is to share it with as many other music lovers, DJ’s, and open minded peeps, as possible.  Thank you for taking the time. I hope I made it worth it.   Please follow me if you like this stuff, because I have literally have hard drives of material to upload and share with you from over the years.  I will always have a legit free download to offer.  Music is powerful and needs to be used wisely.  It is up to us to spread the good stuff around to counteract the top 40 brainwashing that is constantly happening.   Until next time……    

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Section 8 Housing Projects Vol 1

20150330_192449 20150330_192326

Section 8 Housing Projects vol 1 is one of the very first deep house mixes I started handing out after moving to SD.  As you can see I still used cassette tapes. which went over well since no one had seen a cassette out here for a long time. People cracked up when I handed them an actual tape.  In ABQ, it was still all about the mix tape.  A little behind the times I guess. lol One of the many growing pains as an evolving DJ.  Anyway, I wanted to post this because, even at my most raw, early stages of mixing house music, I still needed to incorporate the funk.  All of my mixes have been recorded live and reflect how I am feeling at the moment.  I always felt it was important for the mix to be live, even if it is not perfect.   It still has a darker overall tone than most of my mixes, but is still pretty darn funky.   I hope you like it.  I will be posting additional various throwback (and current of course) mixes that I feel still have relevance and an enjoyable quality.   I have also provided a link for you to download it to enjoy again and again.. Feel free to follow me and share with your friends! I will always have a substantial free download of some good soulful music of some kind in every blog post.  No bologna..

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The New Old

The New Old (Soulful DJ Mix-Free DL)

the new old PicsArt_1391912473644I want to share this mix I recorded with you all because I feel like it is a good representation of the range of styles I really like.  Basically, anything funky and soulful!  The reason it is named the New Old is because the mix consists of mostly classic songs remixed in some way.  It also represents where I am at in my life.  As a DJ and musician, I am seeming to age differently in order to stay in touch with the changing times, as much as possible.   It seems that our generation, especially in CA, tends to settle down later in life than out parents did.   We tend to act younger. longer.  We are ‘the new old’.   I hope you get some enjoyment out of this.  There is no profanity so other ‘New old peeps’ (parents, etc), feel free to enjoy something besides frozen soundtrack.  Hip hop heads shouldn’t know the difference, because I still brought some heat for ya.. Live, real, raw, and was a lot of fun making it.  If you like it, share it with someone else that will appreciate it.   Thanks for the support. There is much more great music coming your way.

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Exclusive Summertime Mix: ‘Who Stole the Soul?’

Average Joe LOGO

I am really excited to share this mix because it directly reflects my personal taste and various styles of music I like, as well as my range producing different sounds. The live DJ mix consists entirely of my own exclusive remixes, beats, and original compositions creating an overall soulful-summertime vibe.  ‘Who Stole the Soul?’ also features accomplished producer JBleds aka Dirty Bledz serving up his take on a few hip hop classics.  Below is a dropbox link so you can download it for free.  All I ask is if you like it, follow me on this site for more exclusive soul music.  Hope you enjoy.


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Just Getting Started..

I have so much music to share with you.  Much more coming soon..


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